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Pick-up Procedures from Denver International Airport

1.) Proceed to Level 5 to collect your luggage at Baggage Claim.

2.) Exit on the East Terminal (Door 511) or West Terminal (Door 506).

3.) Walk over to Island 1 and locate ground transportation workers at the
taxi/limo booth. (Workers will be in brightly covered vests that read

4.) Provide ground transportation with your first and last name, flight
information, and ask for Spirit Limousine Inc.

5.) If there should be a problem, please contact our 24 hour Customer
Service at

If you require a meet and greet inside of D.I.A, we will gladly schedule
this in advance for you.
(Click the above image to view Spirit Limousine Inc's
DIA pick-up locations and/or print a copy for your needs.)
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